2018 Bon O-Toba Services


Dear Members and Friends,You are cordially invited to attend the Family Bon O-Toba Services to remember, honor, and offer your sincere gratitude to the departed loved ones of your family. Bon is a time to share the deep meaning of life and family togetherness as we honor the spiritual life qualities of all beings. Our Bon O-Toba Services will be held from July 5 through July 15. The Bon O-Toba Service request form will be sent out to members early June.Please call or mail the request form to set up the service date and time[table id=1 /]Please mail the Request Form by June 25 or call 537-9409 to request through phone by June 28.Toba Request FormBon O-Toba Service may be dedicated in the following ways:1. Same as last year2. Senzo Daidai (for all deceased family members, for example, "Abe Family Ancestors")3. Deceased individual family member or special friend4. Hatsu-Bon for your family members who passed away since last year's Bon Service (Hatsu-Bon means the first Bon Service)Donation per O-Toba is $60.Please make check payable to Soto Mission of HawaiiWe look forward to seeing you at a Bon Service in JulyIn Gassho,Soto Mission of Hawaii